Parking Passes

Beginning in 2015, Virginia Tech started using new parking permits with embedded RFID chips. According to the manufacturer, “the RFID hangtags have the ability to be read at a range of 20 ft and 25 Mph with a read rate of 95%.” These hangtags use an off-the-shelf EPC Gen 2 Radio-Frequency Identity chip which operates between 860 and 960 MHz.

If you have more information or an EPC Gen 2 RFID interrogator, please contact us.

Best Practice Recommendations

  1. Do not park on campus.

  2. Disable the RFID chip. Some people recommend using a hammer or microwave, but your mileage may vary; verify the results before trusting them.

  3. Remove the hangtag from your vehicle when possible, especially when traveling outside of Blacksburg.